November 10, 2009

Do you hear what I hear?

Save money. Live better. Drawer.

As in the drawer with all the Halloween candy. Apparently, there has been a Walmart ad during one of their shows because Noah is fond of saying, "Save money. Live better. Walmart." It morphed into the drawer phrase tonight.

Noah's new favorite word: literally.

Me: Meet me here when you're done in the bathroom.
Noah: See ya, wouldn't want to be you.
Me: Nice (probably with eye roll)
Noah: No. Literally I wouldn't want to be you because then I'd be a girl.
Me (in my head): I don't want be you either!

Noah: I could eat it up (referring to some large amount of something I no longer remember even though he only said it a few hours ago).
Noah: Literally, I could eat it up. I'm starving.

The sarcastic police has become literal, literally.

Lastly, I'm happy to report another techy thing Noah showed me: Tuxpi. A site with 37 effects and tools for your photos. He was thrilled to show me how to use it (easy to pull photos from iPhoto or Photo Booth) and create this poster. Just one of many.

November 8, 2009

Clay Animation

Noah has been taking a claymation elective at school and he LOVES it! He couldn't wait to start making movies at home. He did these two one night last week while I was making dinner. All I did was attach the camera to the tripod. Pretty impressive for third grade.

Maybe we can clear the table for future movies.

We bought clay at Michael's today. Noah and Joshua are going to work together to do a volcano. I'd like to find a better program to put the pictures in than iMovie...too slow. Coming soon: Exploding Volcano.