August 30, 2009

Mancala Challenge

While the boys were playing mancala we heard this funny from Joshua, "Not on my watch. (short pause) Do I even have a watch?" While Noah kept saying, "It's all about making your move in this game."

I was surprised to discover that their mancala game was much improved. Apparently, I was not all about my moves because Noah and Joshua both beat me and then Joshua went on to beat Noah. I think Noah was stunned to be beaten by his younger brother. Was it wrong that I was jumping up and down and doing cartwheels on the inside?

August 20, 2009

Sandwich Loaf Anyone?

I have been organizing the non-fiction shelves in my library. This was just supposed to be a quick rearrangement of the books so they were more evenly spaced and I could get shelf labels on, but outdated material is impossible to ignore. Several interesting books have been discovered but this was my favorite today.

I actually laughed aloud when I saw the cover. I didn't realize it could get better until viewing the step by step instructions for creating this snack.

Layer 1: butter and baked mushroom caps

Layer 2: butter (both sides of bread), ham strips and pistachios

Layer 3: butter (both sides of bread) and asparagus

Layer 4: Butter bread

To complete: Coat outside of loaf with butter. YUM!

With football season fast approaching you will have the perfect excuse to try out this fabulous new recipe.

Can you believe the copyright is only 1980?

August 17, 2009

First Day of School For Some

With a beaming smile, Joshua was off for the first day of 1st Grade. I was gone before anyone got up so it was up to Rich to get him to school on time and take the "first day of school" photo (although I did pack the lunch, had him set clothes out the night before and had his backpack ready by the stairs). I adore Joshua's new toothless grin.

Unfortunately, Noah did not make it to school due to his severe poison ivy or poison oak. His face is swollen with rash and the bumpy blisters on his hands are still very painful. He was extremely disappointed to miss the first day at his new school. He was upset to miss the engineering class he's been waiting for and that they were serving his favorite lunch (hot dogs & tri taters with s'mores). I tried to comfort him and reminded him that he would go to engineering the next time and that they'd serve that lunch again. His tearful response, "But not on the same day."

I also had my first day of school but no photo or hot dog for me. Still a good day.

August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah!!!

The little boy that was bursting to start life and came seven weeks early, is eight today. He hasn't slowed down since. We celebrate you Noah. Happy Birthday!