February 21, 2010

Birthday Wishes

More interesting ideas from our Joshua...

Joshua's birthday is not until the end of March but we are trying something new - a joint birthday party with his cousin Maya whose birthday was earlier this month. The party meets in the middle of their birthdays and has me trying to figure out what kind of cake he would like to have and what presents he might desire, much earlier than usual. When asked, Joshua quickly decided that he wanted a dragon Mighty Beanz cake... breathing fire and with a chest of gold. Of course you would.

You might recall his last birthday cake that I discussed here. I've now talked him down to cupcakes topped with a Mighty Beanz. Much easier! Score one for mom. I'm sure the cake for his actual birthday will need to be much more elaborate, but at least we'll be on spring break.

When I called him in for a private talk (an attempt to get a list without Noah's input) to discuss present ideas this is the list I got:
  • welding torch
  • metal
  • plastic
  • magnifying glass - circle only, no handle
Why does my soon to be seven year old desire these things? They are the things needed to make a light saber - he and Noah are growing the crystals. He did wonder if the welding torch would melt the crystals. I told him that he wouldn't be receiving a welding torch but he made me write it on the list anyway. You never know. Has it become appropriate to give your child fire wielding equipment that could blind or maim?

Other items that HAD to be on the list even though he can't have them:
  • iPhone
  • TV for his room
  • real kitten
Here is the list with real potential:
  • Bike
  • Wii: New Super Mario Bros.
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - DS
  • Star Wars the Clone Wars - DS
  • alarm clock
  • Mighty Beanz storage case
  • Mighty Beanz flip track
  • Mighty Beanz
  • new stuffed animal - any kind...As if we need more animals to throw around!
  • model magic
  • triangle bakugan
  • sleeveless shirt - I know there has been snow on the ground since Thanksgiving, but he's concerned that he doesn't have any sleeveless shirts yet.
  • magnetic guy
  • new pillow case - He's not sure what kind, just that he'd like one. I think it's cute that he doesn't need a whole sheet set but is perfectly happy with interesting pillow cases. Anyone want to tie-dye a new one?
Roller Skates (size 1)