May 26, 2010

48 Hour Book Challenge

I am so excited for the 48 hour book challenge! It is happening the weekend of June 4-6, 2010. Go to the MotherReader blog for all the details. I love that I will actually have a reason for non-stop reading. Since I brought 60+ books home to read over the summer I might need several 48 hour book challenges. It will be interesting to see how much time I can actually log reading. Anyone else up for the challenge?

You're My Obsession

We become obsessed with things around here. I know I'm guilty of it too (new products, books, parenting ideas, etc.) but when Noah gets stuck on something that is ALL you hear about.

Noah's latest obsession is the desire to go to a baseball game. I think it stems from the school program he was just in about summer vacation. His part ...
Anyway, I'm not opposed to going to a ballgame (not that I have any desire or love of baseball) but I'm already tired of being asked to go - every day. Especially since I think he's really just interested in having a hotdog, peanuts and cracker jacks. He's been warned that they probably don't serve peanuts anymore due to all the nut allergies but he will not be dissuaded. Is it un-American to make him wait for the free tickets you get for participating in the summer reading program at the library for a game in August?

Baseball has already begun to fade only to be replaced by duct tape. Thank you Mythbusters for once again showing us the amazing power of duct tape. Fascinated, Noah found videos on how to make pouches, flowers and backpacks. Here he shows off his first two duct tape creations.

Since this video Noah has taught Joshua how to make the pouch and flower. He has added a backpack to his own duct tape collection. I think we have a cousin summer craft.

May 13, 2010

What Do You See?

School is almost out and one thing on my summer list of things to do is blog. Obviously, not much of that happened during the school year - except in my head. I thought I'd dip my toe back into blogging by sharing the thought process of our seven-year old this evening....

While gathering laundry tonight I asked the boys to dump their laundry baskets into mine. Joshua brought his in and although it seemed somewhat empty, I didn't think much of it. That is until I walked by his room.

Before you judge his room know this:
1. It has looked much, much worse. MUCH!
2. He has actually been picking it up on Saturdays but we had a really busy weekend.

Anyway, when I went by his room I saw the upturned empty blue laundry basket (Thanks for emptying it when asked the first time Joshua!) and then clothes strewn from the doorway to his dresser. It's amusing (sometimes) how literal kids can be. At what age does saying "bring me your laundry" become all encompassing? Clearly not at seven.

The clothes on the floor are also an example of how tired I am. Not because they are on the floor but because Joshua wore the khakis in the doorway to church on Sunday. Today is Thursday. His room is across the hallway from mine. I have stepped over those pants all week when I've gone in to wake him up and not even noticed.

Hmmm, how did he miss those clothes on the floor when getting his laundry? It couldn't possibly be in his DNA.