July 16, 2011

Rich 1, Chino 0

There was an invasion this summer. New mounds of dirt would appear each morning connected by underground tunnels. We thought our young, active cat (who has already killed her share of birds and bunnies this summer) would take care of the problem. Sadly, she did not and the destruction of our yard continued (every two feet)...
Using his best Caddyshack moves, Rich was able to flood the holes until this popped out...
No relatives were found and this little guy was entered in the mole relocation program.
It's amazing that something so small could do so much damage.

Moles by Mary Oliver
Under the leaves, under
the first loose
levels of earth
they're there -- quick
as beetles, blind
as bats, shy
as hares but seen
less than these --
among the pale girders
of appleroot,
rockshelf, nests
of insects and black
pastures of bulbs
peppery and packed full
of the sweetest food:
spring flowers.
Field after field
you can see the traceries
of their long
lonely walks, then
the rains blur
even this frail hint of them --
so excitable,
so plush,
so willing to continue
generation after generation
accomplishing nothing
but their brief physical lives
as they live and die,
pushing and shoving
with their stubborn muzzles against
the whole earth,
finding it