October 17, 2011

New Fast Food

I am not usually a fan of boxed meals or jarred sauces. Whenever we've tried them I've been disappointed by the plain taste or flavors that don't live up to the advertised promised. Since I'm always looking for quick meals to make on school nights that don't involve hot dogs, eggs or picking up pizza, I'm still occasionally willing to try something new and hoping it won't be another disappointment.

This hopefulness is how I discovered a pouch of deliciousness from Chef Rick Bayless at Whole Foods. Since I've enjoyed watching him on Top Chef Masters (wishing it was a 4D viewing experience) and love everything I've made from his cookbook Mexico-One Plate at a Time, I thought I'd give his sauce pouches a try. This is the one we tried first...
I could not believe how good it was and how quick it was to make:

I diced leftover roasted chicken and then mixed it with Cheddar Jack cheese before filling five corn tortillas. Into a small baking dish they went to be topped with the sauce and more cheese. Fifteen minutes later dinner was served!

Noah loved it. Joshua, not so much but he was determined not to like it. The leftovers were just as tasty warmed up for lunch the next day.

Another quick meal we've enjoyed lately comes from Nigella Lawson. I DO NOT tell the boys this since they're most hated meal ever, egg pizza, also comes from Nigella Lawson. By hated I mean they use it as a barometer for everything... would you rather do blah blah blah or eat egg pizza. Anyway, this meal is quick to throw together but tastes like you were in the kitchen for hours. Bonus: We always have leftovers!

Spanish Chicken with Chorizo and Potatoes on the Food Network

My adaptations: I get the family size package of chicken thighs which only has 8 thighs. Use whatever potatoes you have on hand. I used red fingerling potatoes last time. Season chicken and potatoes with salt and pepper. Drizzle a little olive oil over everything before roasting.

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