March 18, 2012

Dance, Dance, Dance

Since the beginning of January the 5th grade has taken part in Dancing Classrooms. You might recall Noah's feelings toward it from this posting on Facebook...

The day Noah has been dreading finally arrived....
Noah: We had dancing classroom today.
Me: How did it go?
Noah: Awkward.
Me: Why?
Noah: I had to touch two of them.
Me: Girls?
Noah: Yes. I actually had to dance with four but I only had to touch two. I kind of got use to it and then it was fun. We only had to touch with pancake hands.
It didn't take long before he warmed up to it, moved past pancake hands and  eventually came to love dancing. He will tell you he only likes the fast dances, Swing is his favorite, and not the slow ones. Sorry Waltz and Foxtrot. 

Side note: We were talking about the types of dances and I mentioned that I danced the Waltz in my 6th grade music program. Noah responded with, "You can remember back that far? All the way to the 1900s?"

Noah has enjoyed the dancing so much that he's interested in taking an advanced dancing class over the summer - unless it's at 8:00 on Saturday mornings. Hopefully it won't start until after we've been to the Farmer's Market. :)

The video below showcases the dances they learned. Noah would say that the Swing dance is a "nightmare" due to the fact that he's dancing with one of the three girls in his class that "didn't know the dances." He's harder to see in that one so I didn't really notice anything nightmarish but let me just say, he was not happy. When we got home though he did teach me the Swing dance steps, I pulled out my Swingers soundtrack for "Go Daddy-O," and we danced around the living room. Now that was fun. 

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